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The business of the Corporation is the management and financial support of an Industrial Research Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. The Corporation is underwriting the research, development and marketing of products and technologies that will provide solutions to the following industrial areas:

Energy Harvesting from Infrared and Visible Spectra   Significant advancements of solar cell technology have been developed employing a multi-junction concept based on mesoscopic semiconductors. Although such advances can lead to reduction in manufacturing cost, less than 20% of the conversion efficiency is achieved by this technology at 1-sun AM1.5 Global (Air Mass coefficient). On the other hand, the third-generation photovoltaic cells that have conversion efficiency above the 33% limit for single junction suffer from complexity and fabrication cost. Employing nanoantennas for energy harvesting represents a modality drastically different from the photo-voltaic phenomenon. One significant advantage of infrared energy is its round-the-clock presence, even during the night. Preliminary research showed that higher than 80% efficiency can be achieved for harvesting energy in the infrared frequency band.


Microwave Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting   The growing demand for electric energy and the depletion of common energy resources such as fossil fuels and coal have caused scientists to focus on various methods to produce electric energy from sustainable resources. One of the most important methods to produce electric energy is microwave electromagnetic energy harvesting where microwave energy is captured by antennas and then channeled to rectifying circuitry to convert AC power to DC. Eco-Tech is focusing on two applications where in the first, available microwave energy from the various communication applications, such as cellular phones and TV podcasting is captured to power wireless devices. The second application is converting beamed microwaves energy from high-altitude satellites into DC power. The Satellites use conventional solar panels to first collect energy and then convert to microwaves and beam to earth. The antennas are grouped in very large arrays located outside population centers.


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